Let's be renegades

NOSHY is hell-bent on revolutionising clean eating. Tearing the rule book to pieces. Overturning all dreary preconceptions about what healthy tastes and looks like. Imagining something fantastical—then making it real.


“Too good to be true” and “You can’t have it all” are sorry mantras for the meek and faint-hearted. Frankly, they make us giggle. It’s why we founded NOSHY. We were exasperated that most healthy treats lack joy and imagination. Our fervent belief is that clean eating is the greatest source of self-love and indulgence. We insist you can have it all.  Being healthy shouldn't have to involve compromise or sacrifice. Just behold—and taste—a NOSHY energy truffle and expect the unexpected.

What makes our heart sing? Shooting sparks of joy, nourishment, and inspiration into your everyday. Flipping a completely ordinary moment into something extraordinary. Transporting you. Taking your breath away. Insisting that you never settle for anything less.

We believe that beauty and goodness are only as true as what they are at their core. We stand for honest, all-natural beauty—from base to petal to packaging. Though don’t get us wrong. We do love dressing for an occasion and strive to be the best-looking guest at any affair.

We’re adventurers, romantics, eccentrics, inventors, sophisticates, mischief-makers, joy-seekers, nostalgists, artists, and dreamers. We delight in going against the grain. Dancing to the strange and lovely beat of our own jazz band. Having our (organic, plant-based, free-from) truffles and eating them, too. We travel the world, leaving a trail of petal confetti behind us. We revel in the unconventional. Everyone’s invited to our party but be warned: you may never want to leave. We fall wildly in love. We play silly pranks. We giggle at inappropriate things—at inappropriate times. We spend a great deal of time laughing at ourselves.

In the world of NOSHY, life is a magnificent lark.