Well why the hell not?

Why NOSHY insists that healthy, dreary treats aren’t good enough

Too good to be true. You can’t have it all. Well, that’s impossible. We hear people toss words and phrases like these around casually—in the process squelching all sense of possibility. All too often people default to what they are familiar with when talking about food. If something is healthy, there must be a trade-off. If it’s good for you, it can’t possibly be good. There must be some kind of catch or compromise.

Instead, we choose to use our imagination.

Our founder Stef dreamt up the idea that became NOSHY after surveying the existing sea of healthy, joyless snacks and believing there had to be a better, more joyful way. Why can’t something that nourishes you also inspire you with its looks and taste? Why are the labels healthy and indulgent banished to diametrically opposing camps? Why is living “free from” frequently viewed as some kind of tragic prison sentence? Why can’t we have it all?

Instead of accepting the status quo, why not change the game? And so the experiments began in a humble domestic kitchen in London, and NOSHY was born—an everyday indulgence that delivers nutrition and delight in equal measure.

“Instead of accepting the status quo, why not change the game?”

Our all-natural, artisan energy truffles are designed to bust all sad and sorry preconceptions of what healthy looks and tastes like. They are plant-based, organic, and proudly free from dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, added sugars, additives, and colourings. Wait. Doesn’t that sound bleak? Quite the contrary. Robed in striking edible petals—our NOSHY signature—our truffles turn healthy snacking into a visual celebration. We break the conventional chains of free-from eating, transforming it into something for people to crave—regardless of their dietary choices or allergens. NOSHY is the first in a brand-new category of treats that are as indulgent as they are nutritious.

As a company and as individuals, we believe in the art of the possible. The power and magic of “what if?” Instead of fixating on all the reasons why something can’t happen, we choose to dwell on the ways we can shape reality into something beautiful and exciting. We refuse to be confined by boxes—unless it’s a delightful box filled with our favourite NOSHY truffles…then it’s a party we never want to leave! We bristle at anyone who dares suggest that we can’t have it all. And then we set out to prove we absolutely can.

“Our all-natural, artisan energy truffles are designed to bust all sad and sorry preconceptions of what healthy looks and tastes like.”

Kimberley, our Chief Storyteller (who is writing to you now), keeps a sign at her desk that reads: Well why the hell not? It’s a daily reminder that the only limitations we face are the ones that we impose on ourselves. That no matter what judgment or small-mindedness we encounter in this world, we always have the power to carve our own path—one that is shaped by joy.

That’s what we stand for at NOSHY. And that’s the spirit behind our mission to revolutionise clean eating. We are in solidarity with any positive and optimistic movement that removes limitations, questions conventions, and encourages authenticy. Because that’s where the magic of life begins. (You can read more about the world of NOSHY on Our World page.)

With the launch of our new online boutique, we’re thrilled to bring our one-of-a-kind energy truffles—and our well why the hell not? philosophy—to people and businesses across Greater London. This is the start of a great adventure and we’re delighted to have you with us for the ride.

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